Welcome to Miami!

How many more days until Miami? This was the phrase uttered by Michelle for weeks preceding our little getaway. Doug had a work trip to the exclusive Fountainbleau hotel in Miami Beach (tough, I know :-)). However, we weren’t sans babies, as we took two of the four with us. Next came the tough part, which two would we bring? Originally we thought it would be Jackson and Kate. Jackson because he’s a consistently good eater and pretty chill and Kate because she’s so patient and quiet. Fortunately for us on a recent trip to Orlando for a doctors appointment, we observed that Kate was fussy for quite a bit of the ride. With a three hour ride to Miami, this would not have been a pleasurable drive. Instead, we decided to bring Elle. She is super sweet and quiet too.
To say that Elle was an absolute angel is an understatement! Jackson on the other hand, wasn’t quite ready for a weekend away and had trouble with the long car ride and adjusting to a new surrounding. We now know for next time!
Doug and Michelle were able to step away for a few hours alone for a couple’s massage at the hotel spa while a local friend’s daughter, Jessica, came to watch the babies in the room. Talk about a well deserved break for Mommy! The babies also enjoyed a morning stroll on the beach boardwalk and even spent a little time under the umbrella in the children’s pool area. They really loved showing off their new swim suits and matching sunglasses!
Doug had evening events to attend each night, so Michelle was limited to what she could do outside the room after the babies bedtime at 6:30pm. The hotel provided a crib, but we had requested two and the second one never came. The babies learned quickly about co-bedding and did great with it!
Michelle departed Miami with the babies on Sunday to get back to her parents, who were watching Kate and Oliver in Melbourne. The babies did great in the car and slept the whole way home.
To summarize our first trip away as parents, it was a nice weekend at a luxurious and expensive hotel, however we agreed that having twins versus quadruplets wasn’t all that much easier. Surprising, we know!

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