We Have Teeth!

We never made any formal predictions as to who we thought would get teeth first, but our sweet little Elle surprised us when we spotted her two bottom teeth peeking through the gums. She had not been overly drooly or fussy, so it came as a fun surprise to us when we discovered it.

Time and time again Elle has proven herself to be incredibly patient, gentle, sweet and easy going. With her beautiful blonde hair and fair skin, she definitely fits the part of an angel baby!

The second and third to cut teeth were Oliver and Kate. We are still waiting on Jackson’s to arrive!

1 thought on “We Have Teeth!”

  1. Love all the information
    Start my day adoring the little ones whether brings a smile
    Thank you and Doug for posting the photos and special moments

    Michelle watching and hearing you talk to your babies what a wonderful
    pleasure.. you are an awesome Mommy.

    Doug not going to leave you out, your pride and wonder and your love of Michelle and your little ones, comes across beautifully.

    God has certainly blessed your family. Love you all. Aunt Jo

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