Our first Thanksgiving as a family of 6 was quite busy, but full of love and helping hands!

Grandma Dianne came to visit from Ohio, Uncle Dennis from Cary, NC, Aunt Melissa (Titi) and Uncle Eddie from Bradenton, and Papa and Gigi also came from Bradenton. We were happy to have many of the people we love, and who love us and the babies, all together at once. 

You may be wondering who did all of the cooking if everyone was from out of town…well NOT US! As much as Michelle would have loved to cook, because she enjoys it so, she knew that it would be much too much of an undertaking with our new little additions. Grandma Dianne was generous and purchased the entire pre-made Thanksgiving meal from Publix. It was delicious, plus a time and sanity-saver! 

We chose to eat later in the day, at 4:00pm, once the babies had settled for their afternoon nap. Well, this didn’t go quite as planned as it was evident they didn’t want to miss out on anything, and ultimately ended up skipping that nap. Mommy stayed and entertained the babies while everyone enjoyed their meal, then was able to grab her plate once reinforcements arrived to take over. My how life has changed! 

Why didn’t people just hold the babies at the table while eating? Great question, however in the past we have noticed that when the babies receive too much attention all at once they become a bit overwhelmed. Therefore, we made sure to be cognizant of overstimulation during the day. On a normal basis, we rarely turn the television on when the babies are around. We find that it often adds to their sensory overload and we want to do our best to minimize that. 

Overall the day was a success! We always love seeing the people we love share in the joy that the quads bring to us. Plus, we know how much they are loved, prayed for, and missed between visits.

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