Once the babies had gotten to the point where they were taking almost 8 ounces of formula per feed, we knew the time had come to begin trying out solid foods with them. We wanted to wait until the babies showed signs that they were ready, instead of just going by the recommended timeline. This included being able to sit up with assistance and appearing interested in foods that adults were eating. The biggest clue we received was when Oliver actually started grabbing at things in our hand when we were eating!

Being that the quads were born 11 weeks early, they will naturally develop many skills later than full term babies. This will be the case until about age 2. The recommended age to begin introducing purees is 4-6 months, so we aren’t too far off at 7 months. Of course if you consider the gestational age of the babies (based on my due date) they are approximately 4.5 months.

We decided to start with green beans. Michelle had read that if you start with veggies that contain no sweetness, then work your way up to fruits, the babies would be much more likely to take to all vegetables. Well, the theory didn’t exactly pan out! While Michelle made the organic pureed green beans with love, the quads missed that memo and did not seem to love them. Carrots, on the other had were a big hit!

We are excited to introduce the babies to lots of different vegetables and fruit, and hope that they become good eaters like Mommy and Daddy!

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