NICU Graduation Day!


Wow, the long awaited day finally arrived! Just as God has been so gracious to us throughout this entire journey, He orchestrated the discharge of the quads all at the same time! For those familiar with multiples in the NICU, this is somewhat rare.

The babies have mastered their feeds, taking full bottles consistently and without any drops in heart rate or oxygen level. In addition, they have had consistent weight gain, which constitutes discharge from the Hosptial.

The ride home was very smooth, the babies did excellent in the car and slept the whole way home! Daddy was a cautious driver and delivered all of us home safely. Our sweet dog, Pinot Grigio, was eager to welcome his new brothers and sisters home!

Now the real fun begins in this journey…24/7 care! We embrace the challenge and know that God will provide and carry us through!

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