Baby Bootcamp

For sleep training, that is!

When it came to a implementing a method to get our quadruplets to sleep through the night, the resources we found were few. So you know what we did? We just winged it!

Since the babies are not on an “on demand” or “ad lib” feeding schedule, meaning that they eat whenever they want and whatever amount they want (seriously, how is that possible with quads,) we had to come up with a plan that would be effective, while keeping our sanity at the same time. Leading up to it, the babies were being awoken to eat approximately 5-6 hours after eating during the night.

The method Michelle came up with (and subsequently forgot to explain to Doug…oops!) was to simply let the babies sleep as long as they could leading up to the morning feeding, just offering the pacifier if they cried during the night. Well, it seems to have worked!

In reality, we believe it was not only the method, but the timing of our “baby bootcamp” and the fact that the babies were ready to sleep longer stretches. It’s still a work in progress and by no means are they sleeping solidly all night, but we will take the small victories!

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