Conceiving the Quads

One of the best days of our lives (aside from the day we had the quads) was the day we were married -  March 16, 2014. Our wedding date (3/16) was chosen based on the verse in the Bible, John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."

We had talked about our desire for children early on in our relationship and decided that we would wait 2 or 3 years before trying. We also decided that two children was our number, and we hoped for twins! Little did we know that God had greater plans.

Michelle had been diagnosed with PCOS and visited a fertility doctor after we had trouble conceiving. The recommendation was FSH injections (follicle stimulating hormone) and timed intercourse. After many months and three emotionally draining rounds of treatment, we received the news that we were pregnant! It was the answer to our countless prayers!

At the first ultrasound is where we received the shock of a lifetime. The Ultrasound Technician didn't say much but turned the monitor to face us and proceeded to count each placenta...Baby A, Baby B, Baby C, Baby D...we were speechless! Was this real? How could it be? Would all four babies make it to birth? These and tons of other questions flooded our minds.

We were approached by several doctors about selective reduction. This is common in High Order Multiples and involves terminating one or more of the embryos to reduce the risks of carrying and delivering multiple babies. Before ever conceiving we discussed that this procedure was not an option for us and we would gladly accept any number of babies that the Lord wanted to give us.

Michelle was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy. At no point did she experience morning sickness or nausea! This was shocking considering all of the hormones racing through her body. She also tested completely normal with her blood glucose levels multiple times and all throughout the pregnancy ultrasounds revealed completely healthy babies.

We have no doubt that God's hand has been on this the whole time!

Our Four Miracles

June 8, 2018

It was 5:55am on a Friday morning and Michelle awoke to use the restroom. This is the exact time that her water broke. Being a first pregnancy she wasn't sure if she should rush to the hospital or wait to see how close contractions came. It's a good thing she took the advice of her mom who told them rush to the hospital, which was an hour and 15 minutes away.

While Doug drove quickly, but cautiously, Michelle attempted to breathe through each contraction which became closer and closer together. By the time they arrived at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando Michelle was 9cm dilated and contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. None of the medical staff could believe she was so calm for being so far into labor! Jackson's back was felt by the doctor when performing her exam...this meant they were coming whether we were ready or not!

An emergency c-section was performed and Jackson was born at 8:44am followed by Oliver at 8:44am, Kate at 8:46am and Elle at 8:47am. Each weighed between 2lbs 11oz and 2lbs 13oz. Michelle did great through delivery and could not have been more excited to meet their babies. Doug also did well and didn't even pass out!

Jackson, Oliver, Kate & Elle